SMoX Roadshow Redux
SMoX Roadshow Redux

Mobile Marketing Association Says Brands Should Increase Mobile Marketing Spend and Optimize Cross Channel Nearly three hundred mobile marketers gathered today, at San Francisco’s Hotel Nikko, to learn from the Mobile Marketing Association’s first ever Smart Mobile Cross Marketing Effectiveness (SMoX) study. Along with the MMA and Marketing Evolution, representatives from Coca Cola, Walmart and […]

Keeping Your Customer Engaged With Mobile Moments

What the Global 2000 Community Can Learn from Mobile-First Disrupters I’ve been involved in developing mobile apps long before there were smart phones capable of handling them, and I founded FollowAnalytics on the premise that mobile marketing has the power and potential to reach audiences in unprecedented ways. I recently spoke at the Mobile Marketing […]

5 Moneyballs of Mobile Marketing

I’m from the other side of the Atlantic, so I don’t know much about baseball. However, my favorite pastime, soccer, is also getting rocked by statistics. Data is changing the way we look at the sport, and for the better. The mobile marketing industry is also undergoing upheaval with a new Forrester-coined term called Mobile […]