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Mobile will increasingly become the heart of the customer relationship. By working with FollowAnalytics we are anticipating this critical trend by proposing a smart mobile marketing and Internet-of-Things platform and an effective Mobile app governance program to grow our Mobile business.

Grégory Desfosses - Chief Digital Officer, BNP Paribas Cardif

FollowAnalytics is making it possible to understand and communicate with our customers in new and highly personalized ways on a very large scale.

Delphine Asseraf - Head of Digital, Allianz

FollowAnalytics is accelerating our digital business transformation. Their platform allows us to have a global view of all our mobile apps performance. This will empower us with the ability to easily launch new mobile marketing campaigns, localized by market and personalized for every customer or prospect.

Patrick Hoffstetter - Chief Digital Officer, Renault

Why FollowAnalytics is an Emerging Mobile Marketing LeaderWe’re experts in Mobile apps marketing for enterprise companies

We’ve been working with more than twenty-five leading global companies across Automotive, Banking, Insurance, Pharmaceuticals and Retail on marketing engagement for a whole new class of emerging mobile apps that are changing the world. We have a powerful, but very intuitive cloud solution for enterprise mobile marketers who need richer, more personalized, relevant and secure mobile customer interactions than today’s current solutions can provide.

Engineered into our 1:1 Mobile Marketing Platform are the critical capabilities needed to power the second-wave of Mobile Customer Engagement.

From a mobile presence...
  Follow Analytics
...to mobile profits!
For developers For marketers
Standalone Connected to CRM, Digital Marketing, Internet-of-Things
Niche Tools Intuitive, integrated, easy-to-use suite
Broadcast Rich, relevant, contextualized 1:1 interactions
Passive Makes recommendations
Static Analytics Predictive analytics and algorithms
Restricted Secure, scalable big data model
You need a new technology platform to support mobile moments- it looks very different from what you use today for the website or PC based applications.

Julie A. Ask - Vice President, Forrester Research
Principal Analyst Serving Ebusiness & Channel Strategy Professionals

follow analytics

With the FollowAnalytics 1:1 Marketing Platform, companies can grow their business using mobile by increasing customer satisfaction, upselling and cross-selling more effectively, leveraging existing CRM and marketing automation systems and connecting their Mobile customers more closely to their core business.