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Unify Your Email and Push Strategies to Build Amazing, Seamless Customer Experiences

Unify Your Email and Push Strategy to Build Amazing, Seamless Customer Experiences

It has never been more vital to reach your customers in personal and relevant ways, speaking in one voice. Why? The interactions often come on mobile devices and the wireless user has high and increasing expectations from businesses like yours.

But make no mistake — email and push notifications are not interchangeable. Each has a distinct role in the marketing mix. Successful campaigns must often employ Mobile Marketing Automation to ensure that the channel efforts are complementary and on point.

In this one-hour webinar, we will show you:

  • When to use email and when to send push notifications
  • Why email and push are not interchangeable and how you can avoid common mistakes
  • The role of Mobile Marketing Automation in omnichannel marketing efforts
  • How to build campaigns that use both email and push to create great customer experiences


Jeff Hasen

Jeff Hasen is one of the leading strategists, evangelists and voices in mobile.
Jeff (@jeffhasen) is the author of two books, including the new The Art of Mobile Persuasion. The founder of consultancy Gotta Mobilize, Jeff has spoken across the world more than 175 times on his core belief that everything and nothing has changed with mobile – marketers still need to sell more stuff and it is simply the how that is different.

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