Topic: Why 74% of the top 50 iOS retail apps are hybrid apps
Format: Whitepaper

Why this report:

A full 74% of the top 50 retail apps on the U.S. App Store are hybrid apps.

That means three-quarters of the top-performing mobile retailers have decided their best possible approach for winning in mobile is to use a hybrid app development model as opposed to pure native app development, including major global brands and smart tech companies like Amazon, Walmart, Nike, and Target, Etsy, Groupon, and many more.

But why? Isn’t the conventional wisdom that native apps are always better?


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“Perhaps as many as 50% of FollowAnalytics customers can finish their retail app in just a few days,” 

Antony Gardez, Co-founder & VP of Product, FollowAnalytics

“It’s thinking about it from a platform-first approach. The commerce capabilities are abstracted … what are the APIs and endpoints … how is that connected to my back office? And if I’ve done that the right way, then I can serve up more capabilities without having to go rewrite core components or worry about bringing them along.

Sunil Rao, global head of consumer goods go-to-market at Salesforce