Segment-based optimization

Send the right variant to each segment, rather than taking a one-size-fits all approach

Smart A/B testing

Automatically test each variant against every possible segment

Optimize AI

Leverage machine learning to predict outcomes based of previous ones

Main Features

Segment-based Optimization

Engineer your campaigns to deliver the highest possible conversion rates across multiple segments.


Craft and test multivariate content against existing user segments, and allow us to intelligently assign all feasible winning content across segments, so no one gets left behind.

Optimize AI

Leverage machine learning to see your conversion rates soar.


Use our predictive algorithms to send the right content to each person, meaning everyone in your audience gets a unique experience that moves them closer to conversion. Over time, the more tests you run, the more data our Optimize AI gathers, allowing it to predict outcomes and automatically assign content variants to your segments.


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