Using Deep Links and URLs

Deep Linking Parameters

    1. FollowAnalytics campaigns allow you to define custom parameters, used for deep-linking.
    2. A common use case is to open a custom screen from a notification. For example, the end user receiving a notification saying ‘Product X has a new price, check it out!’ would have a richer experience if this notification was linking directly to the right product page in the application once tapped. Custom parameters can also be sent after the user has tapped a button on an in-app message.
    3. Please see our iOS, Android or Phone Gap documentation or reach out to your CSM for details on how to set this up in your app

Web URLs

  1. You can also choose to link to an external URL when displaying an in-app message.
  2. When a custom button in an in-app message is clicked, a web browser will overlay the app allowing the user to interact with the mobile site or click out of the site and return directly to the app.