Transactional Push (1:1 Messaging)

  1. Transactional Push is a way to message your users using personal information such as name, location, account status or any other information you collect outside of FollowAnalytics.
  2. For this to work, you must collect and pass a specific user ID that matches the user ID you use in your CRM, database or other backend system. For more information, please contact your CSM or sales representative.
  3. In Step 1, choose Transactional Push in the Global Settings screen when creating a push campaign. These campaigns to not have an end date, but you can manually cancel them at any time.


  4. In Step 2 you will define the message copy, including variables that will be populated via a connection to our API or via CSV upload (more on that later). Begin by typing your message, and every time you come to a point where you would like to insert something like the user’s first name, location or other information, add a Message Template variable and define its size.


  5. In Step 3, open Advanced Parameters to further define the characteristics of the push message.


  6. On the Summary screen, make sure the copy looks ok and click “Yes, let’s go!” to save the campaign.


  7. Nothing will happen with the campaign until the next step is completed. Click on the 3 dots icon next to Stats to open up a new menu. The main options here define how you would like to run the campaign. You can “Copy API Identifier” to send messages via our API, or choose to run the campaign using “Launch via CSV”. To use our API, reach out to your CSM for documentation your developers will need to finalize the campaign.


  8. To run the campaign using a CSV, download the auto-generated CSV template and upload the completed sheet to kick-off the campaign.
  9. We’re here to help if you have any questions about this type of campaign!