Tagging Custom Events and Details

  1. Tagging (logging) custom events and details allows you to not only analyze what users are doing (and how often) within your app, but to control on a very granular level who receives marketing messages and exactly when in their journey those messages are sent.
  2. Your CSM is available to host a Tagging Workshop where you will create a tagging plan that can be handed off to your dev team to instrument along with the basic SDK instrumentation.
  3. Details can be added to each event, and this is important to consider for a number of reasons. The main reason is to reduce the total number of custom events tagged within the app, both for analysis and user targeting purposes. An example of this is to tag a general custom event like “Viewed Product”, and in the Detail pass the product ID or product name. In this way you can target both users who viewed any product AND users who viewed a specific product.
  4. Events are visualized in the dashboard in one screen, and detail in another.


// Log an event without details
FollowApps.logEvent(String name);
FollowApps.logError(String name);

// Log an event with String details
FollowApps.logEvent(String name, String details);
FollowApps.logError(String name, String details);


+ (BOOL)logEventWithName:(NSString *)name details:(id)details;
+ (BOOL)logErrorWithName:(NSString *)name details:(id)details;