1. Our Segments tool allows you to drill down into your users based on any of the analytics we track.
    2. All of the Segments you create can be viewed within a single screen along with the total number of users within the Segment.

  • To create a new Segment, define the parameters using the same dropdown options available when choosing an Audience when creating a Campaign. More details are available in our “Defining an Audience Segment” article.


  • In the screenshot below, we are defining this Segment as users who displayed interest in a specific event, but did not execute on the intended conversion event.


  • Once the Segment has been created, name it and add details for future reference.


  • The details available for each campaign are:
    1. How many of your users are within the Segment over the last 3 months
    2. What percentage of your DAU are within the Segment
    3. What percentage of your total user base are active on each day
    4. How many average sessions/week do users within the Segment complete vs. the rest of your users
    5. How many Key Events happened within the last for users within the Segment
    6. What percentage of the total population have been within the Segment in the last 3 months
    7. What percentage of people within the Segment are opted into Push


  • Once you analyze and save the Segment, click “Create Campaign” to go into the Campaign Creation section and define the type of message and copy you’d like to send.
  • For more information on ideas for creating Segments based on each of your apps, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager.