Dashboard – Downloads and Performance

Our Dashboard tab has taken on a new look with even more functionality. Let’s browse through a few screenshots to take a look. By default, All Apps is selected in the app picker. Bullets 1 through 4 discuss this selection. Bullet 6 explains what you will see if you select a single app.

  1. The first screen is the total number of downloads for your entire catalog for all time, the past 30 days and the past 7 days. Below the summary are all of your apps and their week over week download numbers. This time frame can be adjusted to any range using the date picker.

    FollowAnalytics Mobile Marketing Dashboard: downloads over time
  2. By selecting the Engagement tab, you are able view for each application the Average DAU, Number of Sessions and Average Session Duration and how these metrics are trending.
    FollowAnalytics Mobile Marketing Dashboard: engagement over time
  3. By selecting the Crashes tab, you are able to view the % of sessions experiencing a crash event for the current version of your app and the last version within the timeframe selected, and how these metrics are trending.

    FollowAnalytics Mobile Marketing Dashboard: Crash Analytics
  4. Clicking on Downloads up at the top, you are able to view downloads by country for all time, as well as comparing downloads between countries over a selected time period.

    FollowAnalytics Mobile Marketing Dashboard: Downloads by Geo
  5. If you select a single app, you will see the screen below. Over the selected time period, you will see current vs previous downloads, the total number and percentage of users who have completed a specific number of sessions, total number of sessions, number of unique users and overall crash performance.

    FollowAnalytics Mobile Marketing Dashboard: current vs previous downloads