Funnels, Events and Errors

  1. The Funnels, Events & Errors tab under User Analytics is split into 3 parts.
  2. At the top of the page is the Funnel visualizer. We discuss how these are created in Creating a Funnel.
  3. The metrics displayed are:
    1. Conversion % (both overall and per step) and number of users per step
    2. Funneling Rate (the ratio of sessions entering the funnel (first step) to number of overall sessions)
    3. Funnel Conversion Rate (the ratio of sessions reaching the end of the funnel to the sessions that entered the funnel)
    4. Overall Conversion Rate (the ratio of sessions completing the funnel to the overall number of sessions)
    5. Average Completion Time (average time for a user to complete the funnel)


  4. The second chart is the Event Count visualizer
  5. By default you will see your 5 most common custom events during the time period selected.
  6. In Grouping Events we discuss how to create event groups, and if you click on the dropdown you will be able to select specific groups and view the top 5 events for that group over the time period


  7. The third chart visualizes Errors, which are exactly the same as Events but they are tagged differently when instrumenting the SDK. Low Memory is very common, but you can also tag other things like login failure, page failed to load, page not found, no internet connection, etc.