Events Flow and Details

  1. The Events Flow and Detail tab under User Analytics shows two useful charts, defined by the custom event chosen in the dropdown.
  2. The first chart, Events Flow, shows you exactly how many and what percentage of custom events happen immediately before and immediately after a chosen custom event.
  3. This is useful in a number of ways, the most immediately obvious being the ability to determine what actions users are taking when funnel analysis shows them dropping off before a critical step in the user journey.
  4. This info can be used both to inform product improvements as well as your marketing efforts in re-engaging or educating specific portions of your user base based on their specific in-app behavior
  5. The second chart, Event Detail, is where you can visualize Event Detail count over time.
  6. As discussed in Tagging Events and Details, it is a good practice to tag both Events and Details in an intelligent way to allow both flexibility in user targeting as well as collection of analytics data that can be easily digested.