This page tracks the number of downloads of the app geographically and over time. The relevant app can be selected in the dropdown menu in the top right corner (1).

a. Global Downloads Panel

The breakdown of the downloads per country is given on the left. We are shown the number of downloads per country and the percentage this represents of total downloads.

The countries where your app has been downloaded are shown in a darker grey. Hover over the countries to see their silhouette in black along with the number of downloads for that location (2).

Zoom in and out from the map by clicking on the + and – buttons (3).



b. Day-To-Day Downloads Panel

This graph shows a breakdown of how many times the app was downloaded per day. You can select which countries to display by selecting them from the drop down box.

The default is to show All Countries which you can select by clicking “Worldwide view”. Alternatively, you can select one or more countries to individually analyse.



When Worldwide View is selected, the graph shows two lines, the blue shows the selected period and the grey shows the period before that.



Alternatively, when only a few countries are selected (1), they are given colors according to the legend and displayed separately. See how many overall downloads in this set of countries at the top of the chart (2) and the number per country at the bottom (3).