Crash Analytics

  1. Crash analytics is available in the dashboard with no extra set-up when instrumenting our SDK.
  2. The Overview section in Crash Analytics will show you the count of your most common crashes by type on daily basis along with the % of sessions which experienced a crash.


  1. The Analytics section will show you much more detail for every type of crash that has ever happened in your app since you instrumented the FollowAnalytics SDK. Under repartition you will see the number of crashes for each type of crash for all time, along with device, system version, app version and cell phone provider distribution.

  1. Under Path to Crash you can visualize up to 5 custom events and how they are involved in the app ultimately crashing. This is helpful when diagnosing specific crash types along with the device info referenced above. The example below shows a path to crash 3 events deep.


  1. Finally, under Details you can view full session logs, crash details and system information for every crash of every type. This data is also downloadable via a single json report for each crash event.