Orange Business Services, FollowAnalytics and Salesforce help businesses create an enhanced personalized customer experience on mobiles

Just 46% of companies that have an app use push notifications. But 66% say that they have a positive impact on their audience[1].


Orange Business Services, FollowAnalytics and Salesforce are launching “customer engagement”: a bespoke mobile application development solution for businesses of all sizes and across all industries. This application developed by Orange Business Services, available for iOS and Android, gives businesses insight into how their customers use their mobile app in order to offer real-time personalised interactions. The app is made up of a solution from Salesforce, the customer relationship management (CRM) market leader, and Follow Analytics, a major player in new generation Mobile Marketing Automation solutions.


The data generated by the customer journey in the mobile app is collected and analysed to provide a better understanding of mobile users’ behaviour. This enables for instance enhanced personalised interactions in the form of messages (push notifications, in-app messages, web pushes) based on the customers’ usage and location to:

  • Promote company events (sales, special offers, private sales, etc.)
  • Notify customers in real time when new information affecting them comes up in the CRM (new reward points level reached, order tracking, etc.).


Customising the mobile app customer journey can optimise the effectiveness and relevance of exchanges between the brand and the consumer. Businesses can use it to build customer loyalty, win back customers, and stimulate sales.


Orange Business Services offers businesses end-to-end support, from defining their specifications and developing their application and upgrading it over time to technical and functional maintenance to keep the application up-to-date, add new features, and perform technical and functional maintenance.


The solution is natively designed to be General Data Privacy Regulation GDPR-compliant (“privacy by design”).

In the era of digital and instantaneous service, the customer experience is both a challenge and a great opportunity to bring customers the information they need at the right time. Orange Business Services is proud to use its expertise to help businesses implement a customer-centric omnichannel strategy” says Pierre-Louis Biaggi, head of Digital and Data for Orange Business Services.


[1] Mobile Marketing Association France  – Push Notification Study – 2017