FollowAnalytics Brings No-Code Mobile Apps to Magento Merchants

Topic:  Integrating Magento, the leading e-commerce platform, now part of Adobe Experience Cloud
Format: News

FollowAnalytics Now Available Through Adobe Magento


FollowAnalytics is excited to announce it will be even easier for clients to use our low-code app creation tools, thanks to a partnership with one of the leading technology commerce platform providers, Adobe.


In order to accelerate our mobile app building service, FollowAnalytics has joined the Adobe Exchange Program as an Innovate Partner — and the timing could not be better.

  • Full integration with Magento, now part of Adobe Experience Cloud
  • Reduce time to market by leveraging existing eCommerce infrastructure

Magento, the leading e-commerce platform can now offer its customers the ability to build mobile commerce apps within days.

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the growth of both mobile platforms and e-commerce as online shopping permeates every area of business. FollowAnalytics’ technology reduces time to market dramatically, from a few weeks to only a few hours — which made us a perfect fit for companies looking to adapt quickly to the demands of a global pandemic. This confluence of events has helped us post record growth in the past three months as we ride the wave of a 336% increase in mobile app development in the U.S.

“Our no-code app builder is made for this moment: Customers are looking for low-code, fast-time to market solutions that leverage their existing cloud investment, and we are uniquely positioned to deliver those solutions in days,” says Samir Addamine, founder of FollowAnalytics. “Magento, the leading e-commerce platform, now part of Adobe Experience Cloud, can now offer its customers the ability to build mobile commerce apps within days. With its no-code approach, our platform is cost-effective and complementary with Adobe Experience Cloud applications.”

FollowAnalytics’ benefits are about more than just speed. We also provide mobile native features such as touch ID/Face ID, Apple Pay, barcode scanner, etc. App creation is automated and does not require manual updates and maintenance. FollowAnalytics added “next normal” features that help solve social-distancing challenges with in-app video calls, in-app chat, appointment/scheduler, and BOPIS (buy online, pick up in-store).

Wondering what else we can do for your business? Samir Addamine, Founder adds, “FollowAnalytics can also add real-time marketing capabilities to mobile apps built on Magento and orchestrated with Adobe Campaign. Customers with Adobe Campaign can now enable mobile channels in a few clicks thanks to FollowAnalytics native connector for Adobe Campaign.”