FollowAnalytics Inks Strategic Deal With Microsoft

Topic: Integrating Microsoft Dynamics 365 as a Microsoft Partner
Format: News

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced companies to move more of their operations onto mobile platforms as tens of millions of people stay home under “shelter-in-place” orders.


This has led to an acceleration in e-commerce as online shopping permeates every area of business. The demand for apps has soared by 336% since the onset of the pandemic, and with that has come an increase in interest in FollowAnalytics low-code apps.


In order to accelerate our mobile app building service, FollowAnalytics has joined the Microsoft ISV Connect program and signed a Business Applications partnership agreement with Microsoft.


  • Leverage Microsoft Dynamics 365 commerce platform
  • Fully integration with Microsoft cloud systems

Follow Analytics Teams Up with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Mobile apps are a must-have for today’s businesses. Approximately 70% of Internet use takes place on smartphones, while 80% of the time spent on smartphones is spent on apps versus mobile web. There are 3.3 times more transactions on mobile apps versus mobile web, and with the increasing demand coming from homebound customers, it’s imperative that companies get apps running quickly and efficiently.Steven Guggenheimer, Corporate Vice President, Microsoft Corp. says, “I am pleased to announce that FollowAnalytics has joined the Microsoft Business Applications ecosystem. Through its integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365, FollowAnalytics is able to offer rapid development of low-code mobile app solutions for customers and partners.”

FollowAnalytics’ technology reduces time to market dramatically: instead of a few weeks, a few hours is needed to build a mobile app and publish it on the Apple Appstore and Google Play, and it provides all mobile native features.

Samir Addamine, the founder of FollowAnalytics, says, “Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing provides a marketing automation platform that is multichannel, and athe Dynamics Commerce 365 Commerce platform as well. We are adding mobile analytics data and push notifications that help trigger a campaign in real-time versus email. We can now add real-time marketing capabilities. We can help build e-commerce mobile apps for any Dynamics Commerce 365 Commerce customer within days.”

“With a no-code approach, our platform is cost-effective and complementary with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing and the Dynamics 365 Commerce platforms,” adds Mr. Addamine. “The next normal we’ve entered is accelerating this trend and our no-code app builder is made for this moment.”