Renault: Racing Toward A Mobile-First Marketing Strategy


The automotive market is increasingly competitive. Customers are demanding a more personalized buying experience and closer communication with automobile manufacturers. The Renault Group is among Europe’s leading car manufacturers, selling more than 2.6 million vehicles every year. The company had multiple existing apps and an analytics program. The biggest challenge for the automotive group was that it had no clear view or understanding into how its

apps were performing or if they were even relevant to customers. Renault chose to focus the initial implementation on one key area: used cars. The Renault Used Cars mobile application is a key part of the company’s commitment to provide its vast, global dealer network with qualified leads. Renault wanted a mobile application that engaged customers and helped direct them toward the right dealership to meet their needs.



FollowAnalytics was able to quickly identify the strengths and weaknesses of the used cars mobile app by evaluating app ratings and user sentiments. In addition, the mobile engagement platform analyzed the results of competitors’ strategies and helped to identify best practices.

Renault began to see an increase in the number of downloads of its app on the AppStore and Google Play. FollowAnalytics’ platform was also able to generate a signicant increase in leads by helping Renault to optimize the user experience on the app and reengage customers through highly personalized push notifications based on browsing history.



Lead conversion


Sessions with 3-day reminder of inactive users


“FollowAnalytics has accelerated our digital business transformation, giving us a global view of our mobile apps performance. By using their platform, we can now easily launch new mobile marketing campaigns that are localized by region and market and uniquely personalized for every customer or prospect.” —Patrick Ho stetter, Chief Digital Officer