Allianz: Ensuring better customer engagement with contextual mobile campaigns


Allianz is the world’s largest insurance company and one of the most successful global asset managers, operating in over 70 countries and serving 85 million worldwide offering everything from property and casualty insurance, to life and health insurance and asset management.

The cornerstone of Allianz’s mobile customer relationship strategy is its enterprise mobile app, My Allianz Mobile, allowing customers to manage their policies, process claims, access emergency services, browse a catalog of services and receive promotions tailored to their specific needs.

Allianz Screen Shot


Allianz partnered with FollowAnalytics to personalize promotions and increase customer engagement with more contextual interactions. FollowAnalytics allowed Allianz to achieve this through its Contextual Campaigns feature, sending personalized messages to users based on certain triggers.

For example, Allianz can notify a specific user about a reimbursement or the status of a claim. The trigger can also be based on geolocation, such as sending updates about adverse weather conditions to users when they fall in range of a bad climate.



over 40% open rate for out-of-app push notifications


increase in usage


“Successful and personalized customer engagement has always been the highest priority at Allianz, but until we discovered FollowAnalytics we didn’t know how quickly and easily we could accomplish our engagement goals in a mobile environment. The added benefit of accessing key metrics and data previously siloed in our back end systems, made FollowAnalytics an obvious choice right from the start.” —Delphine Asseraf, Head of Digital