Voxeet Selects FollowAnalytics for Best-in-Class Mobile Engagement and Unparalleled Mobile Expertise


Poor quality conference calls (both audio and video) can be one of the most frustrating and embarrassing hindrances to conducting business. Dropped, garbled or echo-laden calls are needlessly disruptive and so ubiquitous that jokes about them have gone viral.

San Francisco startup, Voxeet, is changing everything. Using their TrueVoice 3D immersive surround sound technology, they are bringing conferencing technology into the 21st century. Voxeet boasts the clearest, most reliable sound and video available. Their fast-growing user base spans 121 countries in industries including technology, advertising, financial services, legal and healthcare.

Voxeet’s go-to-market strategy depends on having an intuitive, engaging mobile app. With customers opening it up to 45 times a week, averaging 35 minutes per session, mobile is obviously key to maintaining high customer retention and maximizing lifetime value.

Voxeet needed a partner that could not only offer best-in-class mobile engagement, but could also provide strategy and guidance to help them thrive as a mobile-first company.

Voxeet Screen ShotVoxeet Screen Shot


After evaluating several solutions, Voxeet chose FollowAnalytics. Because of our experience guiding the mobile strategies of global top-tier brands like Renault, Cartier, Louis Vuitton and Allianz, Voxeet knew they’d chosen the best possible partner to help lead them to success.

Not only did FollowAnalytics provide them a superior tool, but Voxeet recognizes the value of working with a company that they see as more of a strategic partner than merely a vendor. What really won them over was the opportunity to build a relationship and ensure they’d have an ally on their side for the long haul. Given the importance of mobile to the health of their business, they could not afford to partner with anyone who could not participate at that level.

FollowAnalytics’ commitment to customer success means that we roll up our sleeves and get in the trenches with our clients. We take the time to understand their business needs and provide unparalleled service. Our mobile expertise is one of many differentiators that sets us apart.

FollowAnalytics has been key to helping Voxeet shape their mobile strategy from day one and will continue to be there for them as they grow.


“We feel that the relationship with FollowAnalytics is critical to our long term success. This easily justified the decision to move forward with them. While we have only recently implemented, we are already seeing improvements to our onboarding process using contextual push notifications. The next three months will be critical to our mobile engagement success, and we look to FollowAnalytics’ deep expertise to help guide us through that.” —Stephane Giraudie, CEO & Founder of Voxeet