AXA: Pushing forward with a personalized mobile marketing strategy


AXA is a multinational investment bank and a global leading insurance provider. With mobile serving as a catalyst for changes that are taking the insurance industry by storm, AXA wanted to be ahead of the curve and use mobile platforms to strengthen its leadership position.

The AXA team envisioned the transformation and digitalization of its insurance platform and services to fit their customers’ changing lifestyles. They aimed to target a digitally native customer base for future growth, while educating their existing users on how to better leverage mobile for ease and efficiency.


AXA’s goals for innovation were built around two core pillars: customer centricity and a culture of trust and achievement. To accomplish this successfully required a deep understanding of their user-base on mobile and the ability to engage with those customers in a meaningful way. FollowAnalytics helped AXA work towards their vision by increasing the engagement in their mobile

ecosystem through combining CRM, mobile analytics and real time notification campaigns into contextual and personalized mobile conversations. FollowAnalytics also helped AXA create relevant funnels to successfully cross-promote to grow their leads pipeline and increase its overall quality.



Lead Generation


Lead Conversion


“Connecting our mobile apps and our CRM with FollowAnalytics allowed us to drive significant increase in usage and conversion rates via
contextualized push notifications” —Thierry Fabing, Chief Digital Transformation, AXA France