The 4 pillars of the FollowAnalytics platform

Drive customer engagement, build new revenue streams and deliver innovative mobile experiences by leveraging your existing infrastructure to build the mobile app your customers demand.


  • Build a mobile app from your existing digital assets and publish it on the Apple App store and Google Play store in a matter of weeks.
  • Integrate your mobile app with existing business logic and APIs to ensure business continuity and accelerate digitization.


  • Connect your app to existing cloud infrastructure leveraging our partnership with all leading technologies & system providers.
  • Deliver the pixel-perfect experience your customers demand across mobile, tablet, desktop and connected devices.

Feature Rich

Select from 150+ mobile features to create rich mobile experiences tailored to the unique challenges of your industry.

  • Increase app usage with frictionless authentication
  • Grow mobile revenue streams with instant In-App purchases
  • Enable support for multiple cards and payment methods
  • Create video-chat and instantly connect users to support staff
  • Deliver In-app video courses, educational content and tutorials
  • Increase app usage with live stream sessions and product showcase
  • Prefill customer’s information and track orders in real-time
  • Increase conversion on mobile with single page checkout
  • Improve shopping experience with personalized recommendations
  • The native BOPIS (Buy Online Pick-up In Store) feature ensures customers can purchase physical goods directly from your mobile app and safely collect them at designated locations
  • The In-App scheduler and booking system helps organizations manage customer flow with precision, by allowing customers to book designated visiting times and be granted access to your premises by scanning their unique QR Codes


With existing cloud infrastructure and backend systems


Your audience with mobile-first CRMs campaigns


Mobile revenue streams & increase marketing ROI


Maximize Cloud Investment by connecting a mobile app with your existing infrastructure to replicate existing business logic and APIs

  1. Maximize cloud investment and replicate APIs and business logic using out-of-the-box connectors to all leading cloud platforms like Microsoft Dynamics 365, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Adobe Magento, Shopify or WordPress
  2. Ensure your mobile app is fully connected with existing backend systems & leading cloud technologies


Our mobile engagement features provide you with the best tools to compose, schedule and measure In-App message & Push notification campaigns

  • Boost engagment with targeted In-App message and Push Notification campaigns
  • Grow mCommerce revenue streams while improving mobile checkout conversions
  • Schedule, send and track timely offers based on pre-defined usage metrics


Ensure Business Continuity and Maximize ROI by Connecting your App to your Existing Cloud Infrastructure

  • The FollowAnalytics platform gives you combined access to 150+ features designed to solve specific business needs with in-depth customer analytics and engagement metrics

    The platform helps you increase mobile engagement and improve customer lifetime value


    Grow new revenue streams and reinforce your omnichannel presence