It’s Never Too Early to Weave Philanthropy Into Your Corporate Culture

It’s Never Too Early to Weave Philanthropy Into Your Corporate Culture

In November, 2015, FollowAnalytics was invited by our friends at Apttus to participate in a competitive holiday food drive. As a start-up, we are much smaller than the other participants such as InsideSales, Pardot and Statera and were concerned that we wouldn’t be able to make enough of an impact, but the team decided to forge ahead and make our best contribution possible. It was an amazing result. The drive gathered almost 20,000 cans of food for the needy. Internally, we felt an enormous sense of pride that catalyzed our need to make social responsibility an important part of our company’s culture from here on out. We began looking for ways to formally commit to giving back around the world.

Marc Benioff, CEO of Salesforce, has been a truly inspirational leader doing more for the community than just about any company out there and evangelizing a philanthropy model for companies to emulate. This winter, we joined Salesforce’s Pledge 1% program which leverages his 1-1-1 model to dedicate 1% of our time, resources and product towards the greater good. This includes our adoption of a paid Volunteer Time Off policy allowing employees 1% of our time towards volunteering individually or as a group. Our first activity will be working in the kitchen at Glide Memorial in San Francisco. Glide Memorial serves almost 900,000 meals a year to San Francisco’s hungry, requiring 65,000 volunteer hours each year. We couldn’t be more excited about gathering as a team and helping out. We’ll post pictures and let you know how the experience goes.

We’ve also partnered with, an organization of San Francisco’s tech companies who use technology to approach civic issues. In 2015, advocated for housing reform, reduction of traffic congestion and donated 2,148 hours to 52 public schools. We agree that the tech industry is uniquely positioned to create social change, and our team is amped about sharing our talent in such a positive way.

And it won’t stop there. Our San Francisco, Paris and Montreál offices will all continue looking for new and creative ways to roll up our sleeves and pitch in. As a start-up, we feel it’s important to work philanthropy into our culture early on so we can continue to make progressively bigger impact as we grow. Just because we’re early in our corporate evolution, doesn’t mean we can’t be leaders in social responsibility. It starts now.

Got a favorite charity or project that could use help from the FollowAnalytics team? Tweet it to @FollowAnalytics. If you’re part of a start-up and not sure how to get started, reach out to Val Esway (val at followanalytics dot com) and she can share our strategy in greater detail.