Friday Mobile Marketing Round-Up: Mobile for Travel, Customer Databases, Dreamforce and Apple’s Announcements

Lots of news in mobile marketing world, this week. We learned about mobile adoption in the travel industry, the need to tie mobile campaigns to customer data, the mobile marketing must-attends at Dreamforce, and benefits of iOS9.

Mobile Marketing adoption is on the rise in every industry, but this week, Forbes particularly focused on travel. In, Why Mobile Marketing And Online Travel Marketers Should Go Hand in Hand, they estimate that by 2017, 30% of worldwide online travel arrangements will be made on smartphones. And they make it clear that these are the people who spend money on travel, with household incomes over $150k/year. “The mobile experience is without question the most important for consumers today,” says Elizabeth Boyd, co-founder of Book My Vacay. “There is simply no denying the impact of mobile on the entire travel industry.” Online marketers in the travel industry who wait until 2017 to get there strategies together will not be positioned to capitalize on this predicted growth.

Mobile Marketers' Guide to Dreamforce

That begs the question: how does one get started? MarTech Advisor’s 6 Tips to Create a Successful Mobile Marketing Plan provides some guidance for marketers in any industry, beginning with, “Research your audience and build a database.” This is a necessary step towards segmenting your audience and being able to provide relevant content.

In fact, GigaOm research published Mobile & CRM: Customers are on mobile (too), is CRM data informing the cross-platform experience?, this week which covers a survey by FollowAnalytics. Their findings reveal that 60% of mobile marketers were working towards tying their customer database or CRM data back to their mobile marketing platform. GigaOm warned that the 1:1 contextual customer journeys could not be accomplished otherwise. This article was the first in a three-part series which will be published over the next week.

Mobile Marketers going to Dreamforce next week will certainly have the opportunity to explore CRM and the tie-in to mobile campaigns. Over 30 sessions, networking opportunities and parties will be happening which are related to the subject. FollowAnalytics published our Mobile Marketers’ Guide to Dreamforce ‘15, to help separate signal from noise and give marketers the chance to sharpen their skills. FollowAnalytics will also be demonstrating their push-button CRM connectors in their booth at Moscone West, W118.

Finally, Apple announced some of the biggest news in tech this week. Guest blogger Jeff Hasen writes about how Apple Moves Mobile Marketing Forward with the new iOS9. Of particular interest is expanded deep-linking functionality which provides opportunity for better in-app engagement and context. He also touches on ad blocking capabilities but warns about getting our feathers too ruffled as these will only affect Mobile Safari and not apply to native apps whatsoever.