Forrester Recognizes FollowAnalytics in Four Reports Digital Intelligence, Mobile Engagement Automation, Mobile Messaging and Mobile Commerce

Forrester Recognizes FollowAnalytics in Recent Four Reports

This month, Forrester Research called out FollowAnalytics in the March 2017 report, “Vendor Landscape: Mobile Messaging Platforms,” among Mobile-First Point Solutions. Since March 2016, Forrester has also recognized FollowAnalytics as a vendor in the Digital Intelligence Vendor Landscape1, and Mobile Engagement Automation and Mobile Commerce Technology Vendor Landscapes. This level of acknowledgement undeniably underscores our position as a complete Mobile Engagement Solution and the only solution suited for the enterprise.

In fact, Forrester’s November 2016 Mobile Engagement Automation Solutions Toolkit calls out our sweet spot as focusing on enterprise brands that are transitioning to becoming mobile first. We’ve proven this time and again, which is why global brands such as Michelin, Wells Fargo and Allianz look to us to guide their mobile strategy.

This month’s “Vendor Landscape: Mobile Messaging Platforms” reveals that enterprises are still struggling with mobile messaging because they are afraid of getting it wrong and because too few companies have the tools they need to do it right. We are very aware of the pain enterprises are feeling and that’s why our goal is to make every business a successful mobile business.

According to our founder, Samir Addamine, “We believe this recognition by Forrester is a testament to the importance of enterprise mobile engagement automation and to FollowAnalytics’ critical role delivering that. Enterprises know that they need to become mobile-first in order to remain competitive. Our track record of helping them do so positions us as the leading enterprise mobile success solution. Two years ago, enterprises were slow to adopt mobile technologies and as a result fell behind; however as mobile apps solve business problems and enrich customer relationships, companies are realizing the need for long-term investments in mobile technologies, especially in finance, retail and travel.”

In Forrester’s November 2016 piece, “Vendor Landscape: Mobile Engagement Automation Solutions,” they warn marketers that they need improve their mobile moments strategies and tout the importance of automation. The report explains that “to deliver on customer expectations, mobile demands a new engagement model — yet marketers are still doing old things in new ways. Today’s customers demand a seamless, integrated brand experience delivered to them with ultimate simplicity and relevance in real time.”

We are the only mobile engagement solution that has been originally designed for the enterprise – not adapted and scaled as an afterthought. We put mobile marketing in the hands of the marketer, allowing for real-time contextual and transactional campaigns. Our one-to-one personalization model lets brands build omnichannel customer journeys that reach the customer wherever they are, in their mobile moments, making mobile engagement easy.

We are humbled and honored by this recognition by Forrester and will continue our mission of enterprise mobile success.

1Vendor Landscape: Digital Intelligence Technology Providers You Should Care About, Forrester Research, Inc., February 17, 2017