Expert Advice for Great Mobile Engagement: Takeaways from the Mobile Growth Hackers Meetup

Expert Advice for Great Mobile Engagement: Takeaways from the Mobile Growth Hackers Meetup

Isn’t it great when you get to do something that’s both fun and productive at the same time? Last night, the FollowAnalytics team had the pleasure of cosponsoring and attending the Mobile Growth Meetup in San Francisco, produced by our friends at Branch. We met a bunch of great people and had plenty of pizza, and we got some insightful takeaways to share about boosting mobile engagement.


  • Mada Seghete, Co-Founder, Branch

The Panelists:

  • Jules Walter, Product Manager, Slack
  • Colette Nataf, CEO, Step One Growth
  • Alan Poyer, Product Marketing Manager, 8tracks

Nail Retention before You Invest in Acquisition

Jules and Colette both warned of the dangers of investing a lot in acquisition before you learn how to keep the users you’re acquiring. The risk of finding yourself in the middle of a very expensive mobile engagement crisis is real. We couldn’t agree more. Per Colette, if you have a bucket with a little leak and you keep pouring more water into it, you just lose more water.

Jules explained that in most cases, people are really only going to try your app once. If they have a bad experience, they aren’t going to wait around for you to get it right and come back 3-6 months later. So focus on the experience and be sure you’re giving your audience what they want. Then, when you do spend money on acquisition, you are getting customers you can keep.

Ditch Acquisition Metrics and Look at the Entire Funnel

If you’re acquiring a ton of users but they’re the wrong users, or they’re dropping out as soon as they download your app, your acquisition metrics are going to paint a false picture about the health of your business. Colette encouraged mobile marketers to look at the entire funnel, especially LTV. Using installs and first purchase as KPIs can be very deceptive.
[bctt tweet=”Ditch mobile acquisition metrics and look at the entire funnel to ensure LTV”]

To fully understand your funnel, it’s essential you adopt a mobile engagement platform that includes strong mobile analytics. This will ensure you know whether your strategy is working and show a realistic view of the success of your mobile app.

Pay Attention to the Tone of Your Content

What you say is important, but how you say it can be just as critical to mobile messaging. Alan discussed the importance of using the right tones with the right audience. Indeed, understanding your targets is important. That also means segmenting your app users. What works for different geographies or age groups may not be universal. Alan explained how 8track did a lot of experimenting to find the best communication styles for their app users.

We say take it a step further. Don’t just communicate to your majority and leave the others out. Intelligently divide your segments and then test the right tone and style for each one. FollowAnalytics’ Message Classification feature lets you label various communication styles and split test them against your segments so you are sure you’re communicating with each user in the most effective way.

In Conclusion

Before you pour a lot of money into acquisition, be sure you can keep those users. It’s easy to use vanity metrics to fool yourself into thinking that just because you have a lot of installs, your app is successful. But looking at the whole picture is the key to winning. To avoid a mobile engagement crisis, think through your messaging style, frequency and keep experimenting.