Spend less time testing and more time converting

Traditional A/B and multivariate testing is a manual, arduous process requiring enterprise marketers to guess and check across endless combinations. FollowAnalytics makes it easy by automatically testing across all segments and then delivering the right content to the right people.

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Smart A/B Testing

Make data-supported decisions that attract and keep customers

Before rolling out a campaign to your entire user base, be sure your content resonates. Test multiple variants and fully control the duration of your testing phase. We automatically select the sample size to be sure you’re getting the most statistically significant results in the fastest amount of time.

Segment-Based Optimization

Predictive A/B testing for truly personalized customer journeys

In traditional A/B testing, whichever content wins the test is sent to the entire audience. In other words, if message A wins with a 51% lead, it still goes to everyone, leaving the other 49% with suboptimal content. But in order to test all your variants against possible segments, you would need a team of data scientists. We automatically test against each of your segments providing the best possible message to each user.

Messaging Classification

Label copy styles and identify what resonates best with each segment

Take a systematic approach to your messaging. We let you label your content and learn what works best for each segment. For example, you might choose brand pillars, or tone of voice and then test against various demographics. Now you know can better understand your audience and deliver content that converts.

Optimize AI

Leverage machine learning to see your conversion rates soar

FollowAnalytics uses predictive algorithms to send the right content to each person, meaning everyone in your audience gets a unique experience that moves them closer to conversion. Over time the more tests you run, the more data our Optimize AI gathers, allowing it to predict outcomes and automatically assign content variants to your segments. The system gets smarter and smarter as your conversion rates go higher and higher.

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