Create compelling customer journeys that guide and influence your customer

Boost long term customer value by engaging your customers with content that reaches them in their mobile moments. Deliver easy-to-build campaigns that draw from real-time triggers, profile data or back-end systems, ensuring your content is relevant and important to your audience.

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Contextual Campaigns

Send the right message at the right time

Contextual campaigns allow you to trigger elegant, personalized push and in-app notifications based on user behavior, in real time. Triggers include in-app behavior, geolocation, and custom events. Your users get exactly the information they need at the exact time they need it.

Rich Push and In-App Messaging

Create immersive experiences that go beyond static text

Our highly intuitive message builder uses a wizard-like interface that helps you create in-app messages that look like native content. Choose from a wide range of templates that include pop-ups, banner, native alerts or create your own custom template. Embed a variety of content types within push and in-app messaging including photos and video.

Native Connectivity to CRM & Existing Systems

Omni-channel engagement made easy

Enterprises leverage a wide ecosystem of backend tools and systems. It’s critical that data can pass fluidly between them. Our code-less connectors allow you to quickly integrate existing platforms to your FollowAnalytics dashboard, and give you a 360° view of your customer’s journey across channels: web, email, social and mobile. Our Systems of Record feature allows multiple integrations with external systems, including the ability to sync raw aggregated data to and from any BI tool. Update existing customer data sets with real time mobile data and use all data sets to run targeted and relevant mobile campaigns straight from your FA dashboard.

Advanced Segmentation

Say the right thing, to the right people

Segment and target your users by demographics, usage, in-app events, language, device, country and more. Get detailed data comparing members of your segments to the average population to better understand the nuances of that group and how to best communicate with them. For instance, quickly identify key actions taken by heavy buyers and promote those actions to shorten the sales cycle.


Deliver your message where and when it matters most

Geo-location triggers bring your customer’s context to life. Beacons and GPS based triggers empower you to reach out to users that are in close proximity to your stores and incentivize them with discount coupons and flash-sales in real-time.

Custom Messaging Templates

Build a library of message templates that match your brand identity

Send beautiful, custom HTML5 messages to your customers on a given date and time or based on contextual triggers. Our customizable in-app messaging templates give you full control over the entire layout, not just the format and positioning. This includes banners, pop-ups or even embedded messaging.

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