The more you know about your users, the better you can engage them.

Understand how people use your app by tracking KPIs such as app store performance, attribution, funnels, event flows, campaign success, behavioral analytics and usage metrics. Measure across devices, geographies and any other custom segments.

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Enterprise Executive Dashboard

Track the success of your mobile app or entire catalog at-a-glance

Our dashboard compiles acquisition, attribution and engagement metrics along with app performance and app store data, giving you a daily at-a-glance view of the health of your apps. Rather than having to check both the App Store and Google Play and then a separate analytics platform, mobile marketers can monitor both day-to-day downloads, engagement metrics, crashes and geo all in one place.

App Store Analytics

Get all your key metrics in one dashboard

Alongside your in-app data, keep track of how your app is performing on the app stores by visualizing download volume and tracking your ratings, over time. Have visibility into the status of your app in app store approval cycles. Reviews are easy to manage through our inbox-style interface which allows you to easily search and tag feedback.

Attribution Analytics

Close the loop on all your mobile marketing campaigns

Know the channels that provide high LTV users by tracking users from specific publishers all the way to key events within your app. Assess the quality of users coming from various attribution sources and make data-driven decisions about where to spend your acquisition dollars.

Usage Analytics

Understand the usage trends for your app’s customers

Get detailed breakdown on your app’s DAU, MAU, unique users, # of sessions per user, average session length and more to inform patterns around usage cycles.

Custom KPI Analytics

Analytics built uniquely to inform your app’s business goals

Deep-dive into your app’s key events to inform your mobile marketing strategy. Group specific events on charts, track their custom KPIs over time and build funnels to path through chosen events and their conversion rates.

Campaign Analytics

Know what works and what doesn’t

For each campaign that you send, you can see open rates, click through rates on buttons, monitor conversion rates and see the impact the campaign made towards your key KPI’s.

Performance Analytics

Crash analytics, built for marketers

Break free of IT reliance for knowing when your app crashes or stalls. Know exactly what pages in your app are crashing without coding knowledge. Use performance analytics to mitigate customer response and outreach for crashes and inform IT of problems before they can catch them.

Event Flow Analytics

Understand common usage patterns

Our Event Flow shows marketers exactly how their users are navigating through apps by tracking paths to and from common events, including jumping off points and crashes. This insight lets you analyze user behavior to shorten the path to conversion.

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