Salesforce Integrations

FollowAnalytics for Salesforce brings the power of CRM to your mobile communication and up-levels your Salesforce environment with real-time mobile insights. We are the only mobile engagement automation company to offer easy plug and play connectors into three major Salesforce clouds: sales, marketing and Wave.

Sales Cloud Integration

It’s never been more important to have a deep and personal understanding of your customers so that you can communicate with them in a contextual and relevant way. With FollowAnalytics’ quick and simple integration into Sales Cloud you can combine CRM data, with mobile data and create robust 360 degree customer profiles that capture your customers on a detailed and 1:1 level. FollowAnalytics’ connector allows for a bi-directional exchange of data, so your FollowAnalytics and Sales cloud are enriched with data from one another. Additionally you can easily pull up key Salesforce profile attributes into your FollowAnalytics dashboard and use them to segment users and trigger a variety of mobile campaigns: push, in-app, video, coupon and more. App usage data is also visualized directly within Salesforce’s UI and mobile campaigns can be created from within Salesforce.

Screenshot of Salesforce Sales Cloud

Salesforce events in FollowAnalytics – ready to segment and use for mobile communication

Screenshot of Salesforce Sales Cloud

Salesforce account enriched with mobile app usage data pulled directly from FollowAnalytics

Marketing Cloud Integration

Salesforce marketing cloud is one of the most powerful digital marketing solutions available. Now you can combine its power with that of your mobile app data and create mobile driven omnichannel experiences. What does that mean? It means, you can use the power of mobile to drive increased engagement on multiple channels: email, web and in-store. Combine the data available in marketing cloud with your mobile data and add context and relevance to every customer interaction across all channels. Marketers can use real-time, geo-location and action triggered campaigns to reach and engage with consumers. Use the power of Journey Builder and FollowAnalytics to build an omni-channel marketing strategy that is powered by complete visibility into the entire consumer lifecycle.

Analytics Cloud Integration

Bring your app data to life with advanced filters and beautiful visualizations. Pinpoint trends and discover hidden insights by looking at your data across all channels in real-time. Use FollowAnalytics’ connector with Wave to easily transport and slice and dice your app’s data inside Salesforce Analytics Cloud’s advanced interface. With our easy to integrate solution, there is no coding or development work required on your end. We do all the heavy lifting, so you can reap the benefits.